Therapy induction






Hyp21 offers three unique sessions to help you overcome your issue. Each course has a unique format and together provides a multi-dimensional, multi layered hypnosis experience.  

Listening to multiple sessions helps direct the unconscious mind towards changing our unwanted behaviours and patterns in different ways. 

Session 1 – Therapy

The first half of session one (1) eliminates all the negative feelings associated your specific issue and creates the space for new positive life using strong, suggestive and sensory based language.

The second part of this session provides an intervention and builds a positive association towards your issue and helps you achieve you with your intended outcome, be it building a new habit or letting go of old habits. After listening to this track after, you will notice changes in your behaviour.

Session 2 – Affirmations 

Affirmations are a normal part of life. Each time that we hear an affirmation, whether positive or negative, that supports our belief system, we respond accordingly. Another way of describing affirmations; is self-talk. We talk to ourselves all day and most of the time, not in a way that serves us best.

Positive affirmations are powerful tools to bring about change by regulating your behaviour patterns. We have been listening to positive and negative affirmations our whole life, and their impact is profound on how we behave and live our lives. It is time we control what we say to ourselves. This second session does just that.

Session 3 – New Behaviour Generator 

The New Behaviour Generator is one of most of the most elegant solutions in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

The process of the New Behaviour Generator is to use your senses to go through a mental dress rehearsal (everything is made twice; Steven Covey). We start by visualising an ideal scenario and playing this out, as if you were watching a movie, and then connecting the images with the feelings by ‘entering’ into the film.

When the two (visual/feelings) senses connect, your unconscious mind will believe that it is a real experience and help you recreate the same feelings in a real-world setting of your movie. You will be generating a new behaviour.

This session places you into trance and guides you through the new behaviour generator process to achieve your stated aim.