Hyp21 uses a unique three-phase approach to help you reprogramme your subconscious and create the true and lasting change you want. By adding multiple layers and dimensions to the hypnosis experience you get better and faster results compared to standard and traditional hypnosis therapy alone.


The first phase is where we begin the process of changing behaviour at the subconscious level. To start we use suggestive and sensory based language to eliminate negative feelings and thoughts. Then we reach deep into your subconscious to build new and positive associations that create new pathways in your mind leading toward the desired outcome.


In phase two we solidify the new pathways we’ve created with positive affirmations and refining our “self-talk” in a way that facilitates progress toward our desired goal instead of working against us. Affirmations are a powerful tool to control your subconscious and we teach you how to harness their power to bring about the change you’re after.


The last phase is where we utilize the process of New Behaviour Generator (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to create a mental visualization and scenario that subconsciously transform thoughts and ideas into reality. By creating and seeing positive outcomes in your mind first, it allows you to more easily recreate them in real life and achieve your goals.