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Change your life with our unique three-tier self-hypnosis programme

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Change your life with our unique three-tier self-hypnosis programme

Simply repeat these steps for 21 days

Day 1

Session 1

Hypnotherapy Session

Day 2

Session 2

Powerful Affirmations

Day 3

Session 3

New Behaviour Generator




Swap cigarettes for fresh air and better health

Smoking is the habit you can’t kick. It’s costing you a fortune and ruining
your health. If you carry on, it could cut years from your life. But quitting
is easier said than done; nicotine has got you under its spell.

You already know how much better life would be without cigarettes.
You’d have more money to spare, your lungs would recover from the
daily coughing and wheezing, and your clothes would no longer stink of
cigarettes. It would be good for your family too because they’d no longer
have to breathe your smoke.

But all that knowledge isn’t enough if you lack the willpower to follow it through. To build that winning mindset you need a bit of help. Especially after so many habit-forming years dominated by cigarettes.





Hypnotherapy and Neuro-linguistic programming

Right now you’re locked into those negative thoughts. It’s a habit that we want to help you break. Our unique three-tier self-hypnosis programme uses the power of hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic prgogramming (NLP) to banish those negative thoughts and help you move forward towards positivity.




Replace negativity with positivity in three sessions

Our three-tier self-hypnosis programme is unlike any other. Instead of a single hypnotherapy track to be replayed day after day, you download a linked series of three self-hypnosis sessions. Each track or session fulfils a different therapeutic purpose; each works on a different aspect of your life and thought-processes. Collectively they work to build the mindset of a non-smoker.

Session 1

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Peaceful and healing therapy

A standalone hypnotherapy session to eliminate the negative emotions that keep you smoking, and then to use positive reinforcement to build your new smoke-free state.

Session 2

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Growth through powerful affirmations

Engage in powerful affirmations while in the super-charged state of a hypnotic trance. Affirmations or self-talk are proven to work. They induce the positive feelings associated with giving up smoking.

Session 3

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The New behaviour generator

This technique from the field of NLP involves mental rehearsals and positive images that enable you to see, believe and act as a non-smoker. It works because the human mind cannot distinguish between a real event and an imagined one. The more you rehearse the imagined events, the stronger your ability to give up smoking.




...at home at your own pace

Your three-session download is all you need to give up smoking for good – so long as you can find somewhere quiet and undisturbed to sit for your sessions. Whether you listen to all three tracks in sequence every day or play one a day in a rolling three-day sequence is up to you. It all depends on how much time you have to spare. The most important thing is to stick to the programme. Try to avoid missing days because missed days are opportunities for old ways of thinking to creep back in.

Risk-free investment in self-renewal

Our unique three-tier approach to self-hypnosis is your risk-free route to self-belief. If you can’t detect an improvement in your ability to stop smoking, you have up to 30 days to claim a refund.

Stop smoking now

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