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Sleep Better


What you get:

Product Description

Enough sleep is as important as your nutrition and exercise.

It happens to all of us some point and for some of us it may be chronic.

Chronic lack of sleep or insomnia its medical term, has a big impact on our daily life; lack of energy during the day, lack of focus and motivation, excessive caffeine supplements which can be harmful to our bodies.

Whatever the case, we need to sleep for at least six hours a day to give our bodies the rest it needs for a healthy life.

Hypnosis and our downloads will help you get back to a healthy sleeping pattern that will allow you to rest properly which in turn will allow you to function as you should.

What you get

Download the “Sleep Better” sessions now and receive the following from Hyp21:

Track 1– Sleep Better intervention.

Track 2 – Affirmations to help you sleep better – Affirmations for you to listen to while in a trance.

Track 3 – New Behaviour Generator – An elegant solution to help you practice your new habit, visually, while under trance.

Get these (3) hypnosis sessions and start seeing results in as little as 3-4 days for just £19.99.


All three (3) downloads will arrive as a link in your inbox to download on your phone/desktop for you to listen to. You should listen to the tracks using headphones, if possible.

You can choose to listen to any of the tracks rotating between them for 21 day course. If you have the time, you can also listen to two of the tracks in a single day. That is a preference and completely within your discretion.