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Develop Gratitude


What you get:

Product Description

The spiritually inclined and scientists both agree that being and practising gratitude brings a host of benefits, including physical and mental and is the very essence of freedom, to stop wanting and start living.

It is also a source of bliss. 

This fast-paced world teaches us to want more daily, the concept of gratitude can get lost, and our appetites for ‘things’ can overpower us very quickly. Our relationship with the ‘contents of the universe’ requires a re-thinking of what we value more, our relationship with the universe and our attitude to things. 

To re-centre ourselves and return to our nature, the first step is to be grateful, and this hypnosis download will help you shift your mindset from wanting more with no limits to stopping and being thankful for what you have; essentially achieving that first step to real freedom. 

What you get

Download the “Develop Gratitude Sessions” now and receive the following from Hyp21:

Track 1– Develop Gratitude Sessions intervention.

Track 2 – Affirmations to help you develop gratitude – Affirmations for you to listen to while in a trance.

Track 3 – New Behaviour Generator – An elegant solution to help you practice your new habit, visually, while under trance.

Get these (3) hypnosis sessions and start seeing results in as little as 3-4 days for just £19.99.


All three (3) downloads will arrive as a link in your inbox to download on your phone/desktop for you to listen to. You should listen to the tracks using headphones, if possible.

You can choose to listen to any of the tracks rotating between them for 21 day course. If you have the time, you can also listen to two of the tracks in a single day. That is a preference and completely within your discretion.