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You can be the person you want to be. Our relaxed self-hypnosis downloads help you reprogramme your unconscious mind. They help you use your own mental power to change things for the better.

Unique three-session process embeds your new mindset

Enjoy a richer, multi-layered self-hypnosis experience. Each course contains three unique sessions induction, affirmations, and visualization to guide you to your new state of mind.

Self-hypnosis courses for everyone

Whatever it is that’s holding you back – fears, phobias, addictions, or anxieties – we have a course to help you banish your negative mindset and replace it with a positive one.

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Enjoy relaxed self-hypnosis sessions in the peace and quiet of your home.
Unlimited lifetime use – 21 days recommended.

Hyp21 driven by honesty and empathy

We understand your pain because we too have been stuck in the rut of self-doubt. In our hypnosis practice we learned that our empathic approach adds authenticity to the words we speak. We have distilled all that learning into our three-session process.

Understand Hypnosis, Relaxation and The Power Of Trance

Our blog is a free resource of hypnosis knowledge. Read about the issues we can help with, and discover useful tips to support your own self-hypnosis sessions.

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The life you lead now doesn’t have to be for ever. In 21 days you could be looking at a different world.